About Us

We are proud to Introduce ourselves as UAE’S Leading Law Firm, established by Mr Sherif Ahmed Alqathani in the year 2007, to provide effective, efficient, and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs of local and international companies as well as public sector entities.

The firm expanded and steadily grown through the years to become one of the leading law firms in UAE as our firm deals with all issues pertaining to doing business in UAE whereas our philosophy and legal services concentrate on giving straightforward solutions and providing legal advice and representation that assist and allow companies and individuals to achieve and fulfil their sought after objectives while minimizing legal risk.

CEO & Founder of Alqanuni

Al Qanuni Advocates & Legal Consultancy in UAE is known for its broad expertise in corporate and commercial, civil, and criminal law practices. The firm has an energetic real estate and wide litigation practice representing clients before the courts of UAE at all levels. Lawyers at the firm keep our clients informed and well updated, doing the best to achieve justice, they are dutiful to provide our clients with commercially-oriented legal advice and services in relation to all sectors of the commerce and industries as they represented local and international companies and individuals in a variety of commercial transactions, and have also represented a number of large and small businesses.